Sunday, July 22, 2012

Review: Wages of Sin

Wages of Sin (Cin Craven, #1)Wages of Sin by Jenna Maclaine (Cin Craven #1)

St. Martins Press, 352 pages

" 'I can't see anything but shadow and torchlight,' I said, not bothering to add that I couldn’t hear anything either over the pounding of my own heart. She chuckled against the side of my neck. 'I have always wondered how you humans survived as a species. Your senses are almost nonexistent.' 'Dumb luck?' I said in a small, choked voice. "

Dulcinea Craven descends from a long line of witches, and she has just inherited wild, untrained magical powers that she has no idea how to control. Now a ruthless vampire and an age-old demon are determined to enslave Cin and steal her power for their own. Her only hope is The Righteous, a band of warrior vampires who slay the rogue undead. Among them is Michael, a fierce swordsman who inflames Cin’s most primal hungers. Showing her a sensual pleasure beyond anything in the mortal realm, she must choose between the human existence she has always known, and immortality as a vampire—a new life filled with forbidden urges, dark yearning, and unearthly passions…

A vampire witch as a main character just sounds soooo cool, so I decided to give this one a try.

For some reason I thought the whole 18th century thing that was going on would only be a prelude. I really thought it would change to the present. I guess because there wasn't really a mention of the time it was set in, so I presumed ... wrongly. Bugger.

I would put this between books the likes of How To Charm a Rake and My Gentleman Thief or what not (I made these up), because this was really all out love-at-first-sight-oh-my-i-am-soo-powerful-and-gosh-look-at-my-beauty stupid. *Sigh* It wasn't bad, but I was disappointed, especially considering it's good overall ratings at Goodreads...

Cin at times seemed so mature and knowing, like a good 22 year old young lady even, but sometimes she behaved more like a 14 year old girl with a crush. Which she had, alright, but come oooooon ... falling in love after meeting each other once is a bit fast, isn't it? And , gaaah, that scene where they stood together going all Power Rangers "We are The Protectors" one after another standing next to Cin made me just plain laugh. *sigh* ... and sigh ...

I think if you know what awaits you, you might like it, but I found it to be lacking and I'm not interested in following this Series anymore.


  1. Hahah I LOVE your review style :D

    I can totally agree with the comments and thoughts you expressed here - even though I must admit that I've read more than one book called "How to Charm a Rake" (or How to Capture a Duke or whatever).

    The points you make here can apply to a dozen of the new paranormal romance books being pumped out by publishers cashing on the latest boom.

    1. Thanks, I write it as I see it, so I try to be as honest in my reviews as possible. That means a lot of say whaaaaat and urghhh and oh-no-you-didnt and OMG WTF is included. I live to amuse. ;)

      I like to read these books too, sometimes. I had a phase when I bought about every trashy historical romance book at my bookstore, but now I only read them when I have a mood for it. A Wild Yearning by Penelope Williamson got me hooked on them a long time ago. I was still so young I ran around the house with a head so bright red I'm surprised I didn't shine at night.