Saturday, July 7, 2012

Review: Blood Rights

Blood Rights by Kristen Painter
(House of Comarre #1)

Orbit, 392 pages

Something glistened on her cheek. He leaned in and brushed her hair out of the way, the strands like cool water. The makeup covering her marks had worn off. The moonlight caught her signum and brought them to life in a subtle dance of gold across her cheekbone that turned into vines and flowers scrolling up her temple and arching over her brow. Beautiful. Wrenching. Like he’d been privileged to see something both intimate and sacred. He should go. He couldn’t.

Chrysabelle is a special kind of human, bred to feed the vampire nobility. The golden tattoos on her pale skin mark her just as such – a comarre. When her master is murdered she becomes the prime suspect, sending her running and searching for help to prove her innocence. She might have found an (unwilling) ally in Mal – a cursed vampire that kills everyone he drinks from and hears the voices of his past victims.

I think about vampires, blood servants and a quest to save the world and I kinda know the way a book will go. Blood Rights is no exception, but the execution was good enough. You root for the characters, you understand why they sometimes act silly when they just acted as kick-ass as the terminator a moment earlier, because who wouldn’t feel thrown off balance when faced with a world they know but not know. Romance is definitely a big factor in this book. Between Mel and Chrystabelle, Doc and Fi, Maris and Dominic. One however I didn’t see coming, right near the end. A welcoming surprise that explained A LOT about why many things happened. Without that last puzzle piece, the whole book would be a bit more random, but now it feels like fate decided. I’ll likely read book 2, but it’s not a priority.

Rating ★★★☆☆


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